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July 9, 2019
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Your Succession Plan May Benefit from a Separation of Business and Real Estate

Your succession plan should incorporate various strategies to accomplish your retirement and estate planning goals. One to consider: separating business interests from real estate holdings related to the company. Read more »

Don’t Mistake Kickbacks for Gifts

Kickbacks sometimes look like legitimate business gifts. But there’s a critical difference. What is it? And how can you help ensure that employees don’t compromise your company by accepting kickbacks? Read more »

Employers: Be Aware (or Beware) of a Harsh Payroll Tax Penalty

If payroll taxes withheld from employees’ paychecks aren’t remitted to the federal government, a severe tax penalty can be personally imposed on “responsible” individuals. Read more »

You Have Options when Addressing Life Insurance in Your Estate plan

What factors should figure into your decision on who should own your life insurance policy? Read more »
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